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Барча одамлар эрҝин, қадр- қиммат ва ҳуқуқларда танг бўлиб туғиладилар. Улар ақл ва виждон соҳибидирлар ва бир- бирларига биродарларча муомала қилишлари зарур. See full list on omniglot. Until 1992, Uzbek continued to be written using a Cyrillic alphabet almost everywhere, but now in Uzbekistan the Latin script has been officially re- introduced, although the use of Cyrillic is still widespread. The deadline in Uzbekistan for making this transition has been repeatedly changed. Like all Turkic languages in Central Asia, Uzbek was written in various forms of the Arabic script such as Yana imla by the literate population. What is another name for Uzbek? Cyrillic alphabet. The currentUzbek Latin alphabet has 29 letters: The symbol ⟨ ʼ⟩ does not constitute a separate letter. Below is a table of Uzbek Cyrillic and Latin alphabets with represented sounds. ^ Cyrillic " Е е" at the beginning of a word and after a vowel is " Ye ye" in Latin. ^ a b In Russian borrowings. Uzbek is a Turkic language that is the first official and only declared national language of Uzbekistan. The language of Uzbeks is spoken by some 34 million native speakers in Uzbekistan, 6- 7 million in Afghanistan, 1.

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    Several different alphabets have been historically used in the Uzbek language: Arabic, Cyrillic, and Latin. Today, Latin is the official alphabet of Uzbek. We will be using the Latin alphabet throughout the lessons. Most sounds in the Uzbek Latin alphabet are represented by one letter. There are 30 letters, including the apostrof ( ' ). How many letters are in the Uzbek Cyrillic alphabet? In 1940, Uzbek was switched to the Cyrillic script under Joseph Stalin. Standard Uzbek has six vowel phonemes. Contrary to many Turkic languages, Uzbek no longer has vowel harmony. / i/ and / u/ can have short allophones of [ ɪ] and [ ʊ], and central allophones [ ɨ̞ ] and [ ʉ]. / ɔ/ can have an open back allophone [ ɒ]. What is the Uzbek language written in? به‌ رچه آده‌ مله‌ ر ئېرکىن، قه‌ در- قىممه‌ ت ۋه هۇقۇقله‌ رده تېڭ بولىب تۇغىله‌ دىله‌ ر. ئۇله‌ ر ئه‌ قل ۋه وىجدان ساهىبىدىرله‌ ر ۋه بىر- بىرله‌ ری ئىله بىراده‌ رله‌ رچه مۇئامه‌ له قىلىشله‌ ری زه‌ رۇر‎. Information about the Uzbek language wikipedia.

    org/ wiki/ Uzbek_ language org/ wiki/ Uzbek_ alphabet orexca. com/ uzbekistan/ uzbek_ language. com/ language/ uzn com/ language/ uzs com/ central- asia/ Uzbekistan/ sub8_ 3d/ entry- 4699. html Online Uzbek les. Abaza, Abkhaz, Adyghe, Aghul, Akhvakh, Aleut, Altay, Alyutor, Andi, Archi, Assyrian / Neo- Assyrian, Avar, Azeri, Bagvalal, Balkar, Bashkir, Belarusian, Bezhta, Bosnian, Botlikh, Budukh, Bulgarian, Buryat, Chamalal, Chechen, Chelkan, Chukchi, Chulym, Chuvash, Crimean Tatar, Dargwa, Daur, Dolgan, Dungan, Enets, Erzya, Even, Evenki, Gagauz, Godoberi,.