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A one- pot Plov recipe that tastes like the Uzbek version for only a. Some versions include raisins and can differ in meats but this. Plov is a popular Uzbek dish, also referred to as " pilaf" or " palov". It' s made up of long grain rice, chunks of lamb, onions, and carrots. Feb 12, · 1 table spoon raisins ( optional) Salt to taste The rule of thumb is that you have to take the same quantity ( volume) of meat, carrot and onion. The vegetarian version will be the same. Add the hot water and rice to the lamb mixture. Simmer 15 minutes uncovered. Then add raisins and quartered dried apricots. Cover and remove. What can I substitute for barberries in a plov? Plov is key dish in the Uzbek cuisine. water; 150 g raisins; 2 garlic heads unpeeled; 500 g rice long- grained; 1 tbsp salt. Ingredients for Uzbek pilaf with raisins · Meat - 1 kg · Carrots - 1 kg · Onion - 500 g · Figure - 1 kg · Raisins - 100 g · Vegetable oil - 300 ml · Salt · Black pepper.

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    Peel the onions and cut into half rounds. Peel the carrots and cut into medium sticks. Cut the meat into medium pieces. Heat oil in the dutch oven, or kettle, on a very high flame and add the onions. Traditionally, Uzbek Plov is made with lamb meat. Beef, pork, or even chicken could be used as a substitute. When trying to choose the best meat cut, just go for the cuts that have a good amount of fat in them, such as chuck, ribs, shanks, or even oxtale. Let' s start by prepping the veggies and meat. Aug 28, · Instructions. Cook the onions, stirring occasionally for 5- 7 minutes, and add the lamb. Cook the lamb for 10 minutes and add the carrots. Keep cooking for 10 more minutes. Add cumin, coriander, salt, pepper and 4 cups of water.

    What to eat in Uzbek plov? Put the rice over the meat, but do not stir. Add raisins and garlic. Add water to cover the rice by about an inch. How to make Uzbek plov? Uzbek Pilaf with Chicken and Raisins Recipe · 6 pieces Chicken leg You can take any part of the chicken · 2 glasses Rice round · 2 glasses Water · 1. Jun 17, · DIRECTIONS. In a large cooking pot, add water, rice, salt and lemon juice and bring to boil. Cover, reduce heat and simmer for about 15 minutes or until rice is tender but still firm; DO NOT OVERCOOK. Drain rice in a colander and then rinse off slightly with hot water; drain well.

    In a bowl, add raisins and pour some boiling water over to cover and let stand for about 1 minute; drain well. Nov 16, · 2/ 3 cup raisins 2 cups basmati rice ( or long grain rice) 4 cups hot water ( or whatever is needed to cover the rice) 3 heads of garlic, unpeeled, top cut off olive oil. Directions: Rinse rice in cold water and let is soak for at least an hour. Meanwhile, heat oil in a large ( at least 5 qt) kazan or dutch oven until hot. Season the meat with salt and pepper, then add the meat and saute until brown, about 15 minutes. Plov is one of the pillars of Central Asian cooking. In Uzbekistan, it is unthinkable to make this iconic dish without using wild, black cumin.