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Since ancient times, the folk dances had been a part of Uzbek culture as a. and the dances of various regions of Uzbekistan like Uzbek national dance,. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. The national Uzbek dance is extraordinarily impressive. It embodies all the beauty of the Uzbek nation. The main differences of Uzbek dance from other oriental dances are, firstly, the emphasis on the complicated and expressive movements of the hands and, secondly, the rich facial expressions. Dilhiroj дилхирож is a beloved song and the dance is in the Ferghana style. It was gifted to Silk Road Dance Company by People' s Artist of. Uzbek national dance of Lazgi. 129, 746 views129K views. Кафедра Звукорежиссуры и операторского. Uzbek Dance - is one of the oldest forms of art. Since ancient times, Uzbek dances were very popular in the East.

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    Each one has its peculiarities and specific features. Tumor" dance performance group from Uzbakistan national dance of Uzbakistan. Traditional Uzbek Dances · Traditional Uzbek Dance; Fergana Dance. Fergana dance is distinguished with soft and playful movements. · Traditional Uzbek Dance;. Uzbek traditional folk dance by Folclore and Dance Esemble ' Uzbegim Yoshlari', from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Recorded in Pontevedra, Galicia,. Jul 07, · Uzbek dance is a special fragment of Uzbek culture. “ Legends of Uzbek Dance” is about people we should be proud of, who will remain in history and will continue to motivate generations. This tape is intended for a wide audience, we tried to tell it in a simple, accessible language in a modern format. There are three schools of dance in Uzbekistan: Khorezm, Fergana and Bukhara. Khorezm dance is well- known because of its fiery nature. The most popular of the dances is " Lazgi", which both young and old dance. The music consists of an introduction and main body including folk melodies.

    Uzbekistan Dance consists of between 15- 20 thousand movements by a performer, depending on the complexity of the dance. Uzbek dance portrays a story, told by the flowing movements and rhythm. The lithe and expressive hands of a dancer raise and then interweave like two twigs of an almond tree, then one hand is above the head and the other is making swift movements around the body.