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The Uzbek sum in its current form was issued on July 1, 1994. Before that, the new ruble was still the official national currency in Uzbekistan. In a short transition period between November 15, 1993 and the above- mentioned issue date, a transition currency – the old sum – was introduced. The currency was based 1: 1 on the Russian ruble and. Hello Friends, today I am going to tell you about Shocking, amazing and Interesting fact about Uzbekistan in hindi Language. National currency of Uzbekistan is Sum and Tiyin. Tiyin is being used only in bank calculations and barely in real trade. Also, in SummerSum and 100- Sum banknotes were taken out of usage. They were removed with coins made in year instead. भा रती य रु पये को उज़ ् बे कि स् ता न सो म ( INR/ UZS) मे ं परि वर् तन करे ं । चा र् ट, सा मा न् य परि वर् तन. Convert 100000 INR to UZS with the Wise Currency Converter. Analyze historical currency charts or live Indian Rupee / Indian Rupee rates and get free rate. What is the Currency of Uzbekistan?

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    Uzbekistan hindi currency

    National Currency of Uzbekistan is sum ( also som, soum). The ISO 4217 currency code is UZS. One Uzbek sum is one hundred tiyin. The State Bank of Uzbekistan issued the first banknotes in 1993. All of the denominations share the same designs: the Coat of arms of Uzbekistan on the front and the Madrasah on Registan Square in Samarkand. UZBEKISTANI Meaning in Hindi. uzbekistani · उज़ ् बे कि स् ता न · uzbekistan. Convert Uzbekistani Som( UZS) currency converter online. Uzbekistan Photo Gallery Archivedat the Wayback Machine; Travel story about Uzbekistan by Ira Spitzer Archivedat the Wayback Machine; Lots of Uzbekistanian Recipes on www. com Archivedat the Wayback Machine; Uzbek English online dictionary; Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty News and Features on. Convert 1000 UZS to INR with the Wise Currency Converter. Analyze historical currency charts or live Uzbekistan Som / Uzbekistan Som rates and get free rate. answer : the currency of Uzbekistan country is “ Uzbekistan”, which is called “ उज़ ् बे कि स् ता न” in hindi and the currency is. यह 1991 तक सो वि यत सं घ का एक घटक था । उज़ ् बे कि स् ता न के प् रमु ख शहरो ं मे ं रा जधा नी ता शकं त के. A Uzbekistan is considered to be a land of rich history and culture.

    मु स् लि म दे श | | Shocking Facts about Uzbekistan in hindi. Aug 02, · The Uzbek Monetary System Uzbekistan’ s unit of currency is the Soums – UZS. Uzbekistan' s money is based on the decimal system – there are one hundred tiyin to each soum. Coins are not widely used. Notes have the values of 100, 200, 500, 1000 Soum. Get the latest 1 Indian Rupee to Uzbekistani Som rate for FREE with the original Universal Currency Converter. Set rate alerts for INR to UZS and learn more. Uzbekistan › Currency