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Traditionally Uzbek people celebrate weddings very richly and cheerfully with peculiar splendor and abundance of guests. Immediate and remote relatives, neighbors, friends and co- workers are invited to this wedding ceremony. The festivities begin since the early morning with a festal wedding pilaf prepared in the houses of the groom and bride. Wedding ceremony traditionally is of great importance in the life of Uzbeks and celebrating as an important event. Uzbek people celebrate. Uzbekistan wedding customs. The Uzbeks themselves call the wedding ceremony " nikokh tui. " Uzbek wedding party is a very crowded and a magnificent event. Why have a destination wedding in Tashkent? According to the UNDP, the average age of female marriage in Uzbekistan is 20, with 60 percent of women marrying between the ages of. Of women over the age of 16, 65 percent are married. The legal age of marriage for women is younger than men – 17 versus 18 - with special exceptions granted for even younger marriages. Today' s video will be one of the most interesting because I show you Uzbekistan' s oldest tradition - Morning Wedding Pilaf ceremony. In Uzbek traditions, the decision to get married is usually finalized on the third date, with a ring, cake and some gifts from the man.

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    Hello dear friends. Today I visit Bisyor Restaraunt in Tashkent. I saw how a real Uzbek wedding goes. So many delicious foods, salads,. Apr 30, · But, nevertheless, in the East the weddings are very big and they are hold at least 2- 3 days. In Uzbekistan all events are called Tuy. Wedding – nikokh tuy, child birth – beshik tuy, circumcision of the son according to the Muslim traditions – sunnat tuy and etc. The celebrations are prepared and directed by women. The typical Uzbek wedding consists of a morning feast, where the national dish osh ( also known as plov) is served, and a nighttime ceremony,. Sightseeing in Uzbekistan.

    Listed by UNESCO as ‘ Samarkand – Crossroad of Cultures', Samarqand as it is popularly known is one of the oldest, continuously inhabited. Tashkent is fantastic place to have a destination wedding. The natural, rustic and breezy charm will add an eclectic beat to your wedding. Emerald green parks, gardens, fountains imbued with crystal strands, glittering skyscrapers of glass and concrete make this city look spectacular. Is Alexander the Great Samarkand in Uzbekistan? They also require that witnesses swear an affidavit stating that you are free to marry. Distant relatives, neighbours, friends and co- workers are invited to the main Nikokh- Tui wedding ceremony along with close family members and friends. A traditional Uzbek wedding lasts for four days with different events each day. The first day is the wedding ceremony, mainly staged at the bride’ s' home. In the morning, the bride is fussed over and dressed in a florid wedding dress, accompanied by girl friends and matrons of honor.

    Uzbeks consider the 7th, 17th and 27th days of a month to be auspicious and lucky days to get married. The wedding ceremony has traditionally been held at the bride' s home. The bride' s parents treat guests to fried rice and sweets during the day. The newlyweds go to the groom' s home in the evening after an Islamic ceremony is held. Coronavirus restrictions on Uzbek weddings spares families from the financial strain of lavish ceremonies. What happens at a wedding in Uzbekistan? Since Uzbekistan is a predominantly Muslim country, many assume that Uzbek weddings are sex- segregated, or the marriages are arranged and the groom and bride.