Mughals were uzbeks

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The Mughals were not ethnic Uzbeks. Only two of the Mughals can even be considered as Central Asians. These were Babur and Humayun. Neither of them were. They claim they are descended from the various Central Asian Mongolic and Turkic tribes that settled in the region. The term Mughal ( or Mughul in Persian). The North- western Frontier of the Mughal Empire. thought that both the Uzbeks and the Mughals were to be attacked by the Shah. The Mughals' original home was in Central Asia. They were driven out by the Uzbeks. The Uzbeks were Sunni Muslims. The Safaid rulers of Persia were Shia. 100 CE), which straddled routes from today' s Uzbekistan through Afghanistan. All of the Mughals, beginning with Babur, had a particular fascination with.

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