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The flag consists of a crescent and 12, five- pointed white stars, which represent the Zodiac. Thus, each star represents a month of the year or the twelve. Sky- blue colour on the flag is the symbol of the blue sky and clean water. Azure colour is hallowed in the East, it was chosen once by the great Amir Timur for. The national flag of the Republic is a right- angled colored cloth of three horizontal stripes: blue, white and green. Blue is the symbol of the sky and water,. It represents a multicolored rectangular cloth with three horizontal stripes of blue, white and green. Everything on Uzbek flag is symbolic and reflects the. flag of Uzbekistan. horizontally striped blue- white- green national flag with red fimbriations ( narrow borders) between the stripes. In the upper hoist corner. The flag of Uzbekistan ( Uzbek: Oʻzbekiston davlat bayrogʻi) consists of three horizontal azure, white and green bands separated by two thin red fimbriations. The state flag and its emblem symbolize historical ties with the ancient states of modern Uzbekistan and embody the national and cultural traditions of the. The half- moon corresponds to centuries- old tradition of the people of Uzbekistan. A half moon and stars — a symbol of a clear sky of the world.

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